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The Wire Press is a free press release distribution service and newswire. The Wire Press offers a free news release submission service with the option to contribute funds for higher recognition and placement upon the network.

Benefits for Journalists, Freelance Writers and Publishers:

  • Free press release submission
  • Free accounts for journalists seeking breaking news
  • Submission approval within 24-72 hrs (Free Submissions)
  • Distribution to opt in journalists, freelance writers and alike
  • Press releases stored in database for possible future story seekers

Publisher Information
Building a valuable service requires quality content.

The Wire Press will not distribute any press release that, at its sole discretion, it deems to be inappropriate for this service. Such press releases include releases written for the purpose of causing harm or damage to a third party, improperly formatted releases, press releases posted by distributors of network marketing organizations or press releases that look and read like advertisements.

The Wire Press will not distribute press releases that promote hatred or violence, or contain adult or sexually explicit materials.

The Wire Press will never sell user contact information where we relinquish control of user information. Any emails that users receive from The Wire Press will be generated and delivered through the systems we have access to.

Please ensure that you have carefully reviewed and edited your submission. Please also make sure that you have followed the proper submission guidelines. You are liable and take full responsibility for the content and accuracy for your press release.

Operating a web site like The Wire Press requires time and resources which both cost money. Although payment is not necessary for news release submission, contributions are greatly welcomed. By making a contribution, you help support the services that we provide and increase the visibility of your submission. Top contributors will also be on our featured releases of the day on the day of the release of their submission.

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