HSINCHU, Taiwan (THE WIRE PRESS) - MediaTek today announced its MediaTek LinkIt™ Development Platform for RTOS and the platform's first hardware development kit (HDK). This platform is the first from MediaTek delivering a common tool chain and set of APIs for multiple chipsets, offering developers the ability to create a range of IoT devices using one common software development kit, the MediaTek LinkIt SDK v3.

ARMONK, N.Y. (THE WIRE PRESS) - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today named 11 new IBM Fellows, the company's most prestigious technical honor. The new Fellows are being honored for pioneering work in areas including cognitive computing, analytics, cloud, security, mobile and healthcare. As Fellows, these individuals will have the opportunity to dedicate significant time to free-form exploration and innovation in their areas of expertise.

Brea, CA (THE WIRE PRESS) – CHARIOTZ today announced that it successfully launched its innovative online car show judging system at the Benedict Castle Concours in Riverside, California on April 3rd, 2016. The show, run by Teen Challenge of Southern California, had over 250 cars and trucks from all genres of the car hobby, divided into 35 judging classes, and spread across a large area. The show organizers ran the entire judging process through the CHARIOTZ system’s user-friendly website and a simple mobile app.

Sarasota, FL (THE WIRE PRESS) – Screenwriter and producer, Pamela Sherrod, announced today that she will be launching two exciting talent competitions to find performers and songwriters for her upcoming musical film based on her book, A Detour to Mexico. Auditions for actors are now also open, as well as a special competition for student interns. Sherrod wrote the screenplay for the film in 2005 with her partner, Altovise Davis, the widow of Rat Pack star, Sammy Davis Jr. That same year, Sherrod also stumbled into the center of one of Hollywood’s most vicious legal battles – the fight over Sammy’s estate. The writer, who remained focused on finishing the screenplay, would eventually chronicle those tumultuous events in her book, Sammy Davis Jr.: The Writer Who Saved His Estate.

Seattle, WA (THE WIRE PRESS) – Anyone driving under the influence of alcohol could be a reason behind a serious road accident and can be proclaimed as a DUI offender by the law enforcing agencies. With the growing incidences of road accidents and the resulting deaths, DUI offenders often face the risk of severe legal consequences. And this is the reason why an accused should take DUI charges seriously and should consult an experienced DUI attorney without wasting time.

Reston, VA (THE WIRE PRESS) - Web performance for ecommerce sites has become paramount, and often can mean the difference between life and death for businesses. DNS Made Easy recently conducted a survey among a handful of their ecommerce clients in order to help other businesses improve their web performance. The study aimed to show how proper DNS management can boost network performance and even increase conversions. Participants were made up of DNS Made Easy clients who used its services to manage ecommerce websites.

(THE WIRE PRESS) - It all began with the story of 5 Wall Street firms (Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley, Solomon Smith Barney Inc. and U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Inc.), each fined $1.65 million for failures to retain required copies of company emails. If they had used contentACCESS, this would never have happened.

New York, NY (THE WIRE PRESS) - For students who are in at least their second year of dental school, Linhart Dentistry is offering a dentistry scholarship in the amount of $1,500. Scheduled for the 2016-2017 academic year, the scholarship is an ongoing effort by the dental office to encourage students who wish to enter the dental care field. Achievements, academics and leadership will be examined to determine the recipient of the dental scholarship. Previous recipients of the scholarship are not eligible to apply.

Nashville, TN (THE WIRE PRESS) - Jeff Pate, a well-known Nashville business executive, has joined PYA as Chief Business Development Officer for the corporation and its affiliated companies. The appointment is effective today. "Jeff brings a tremendous background, both in healthcare and other business sectors, to the PYA Enterprise," said Marty Brown, PYA President. The 32-year-old Knoxville-based firm is ranked as the ninth largest privately held healthcare consulting company in the country. PYA has healthcare clients in all 50 states, but also offers tax, accounting, assurance, real estate, claims auditing, medical billing and collections, investment management, and advanced data analytics services.