Leasing Angels, Inc. Defy The Odds Yet Again – Completes 239 Unit Tax Credit Conversion Community Lease Up in 45 Days – Takes Community From 67% to 100%

Leasing Angels, Inc. Defy The Odds Yet Again – Completes 239 Unit Tax Credit Conversion Community Lease Up in 45 Days – Takes Community From 67% to 100%

Today Leasing Angels, Inc., a residential match-making company of single family and multi-family housing, released details of their latest community lease up

MEMPHIS, TN, (THE WIRE PRESS) – The Project: John Madison Exum Towers, an Elderly/Disabled Community located in Memphis, TN

The Management Company: TESCO Properties, headquartered in Memphis, TN

The Co-Developer/Tax Credit Specialists:BlueGreen Preservation and Development, LLC, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA

TESCO Properties brought in Leasing Angels, Inc. because of their proven track record of success in extreme housing lease-ups to satellite manage the community lease-up of John Madison Exum Towers, an Elderly and Disabled Low Income Housing Tax Credit Conversion Project located in Memphis, TN. Leasing Angels, Inc. acquired this contract on November 1st 2016 with a 100% occupancy deadline of December 15th 2016.

From its satellite office, Leasing Angels, Inc. was able to conduct initial applicant pre-qualifications in accordance to TESCO Properties tenant selection criteria, credit/background check approvals in Onesite, process each approved applicant in Onesite, attain all necessary documents for medical, financial and identity verifications, generate all necessary documents to send the file to compliance, correct compliance issues as required, complete all lease reviews and signings with each new tenant and close each new tenant file by sending all necessary and signed documents to compliance.

Leasing Angels, Inc. encountered numerous difficulties, including on-site community rehabilitation, but none of which were not successfully and consistently overcome.

Leasing Angels, Inc. President Nannette Bean explained, “With our quick and careful assessment of the project, we were able to create and implement the marketing and operational plan needed to meet the projected deadline. We identified several key areas that needed to be addressed including the property’s online marketing presence, adequate social media marketing, lacked community outreach and expert client customer service. Once those necessary changes had been made, success was guaranteed. Leasing Angels, Inc. is built of a team of customer service professionals, affordable housing experts, multi-family and single family housing business managers and marketing gurus – we are continuously successful because we understand what a successful project should look like, feel like and generate monthly.”

Brent Frost, Assistant Vice President of TESCO Properties, said, “We were highly impressed with the ability of Leasing Angels, Inc. to not only quickly navigate through and assess the needs of the property in regards to marketing, but more importantly in regards to people – as a Senior (62+) and Disabled community we have very specific criteria that applied to our applicants and their ability to consistently and efficiently ensure acquisition of such, in so little of time, is simply unheard of. They came highly recommended – now I understand why. They truly are experts at what they do.”

About Leasing Angels, Inc.

Leasing Angels, Inc. is a newly established residential match-making company that provides a wide – range of property management services from multi-family housing community lease – ups to single family housing portfolio lease ups. For more information, please visit the company’s website at: www.leasingangels.net.

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