Shefik Signs Distribution Deal With FUBU Television Network

Shefik Signs Distribution Deal With FUBU Television Network

NEW YORK (THE WIRE PRESS) – Media personality Shefik has signed a distribution deal with FUBU Television Network (FUBU TV), for content he will executive produce under his brand “Shefik presents Invocation.” Under the terms of the deal, Shefik will not only produce, but also develop and direct, original video productions, for broadcast via FUBU TV’s on-demand channels on cable and satellite service providers, such as Comcast, Verizon Fios, Dish Network, and Frontier Communications. FUBU TV currently has a global reach of over 250 million households.

“I look forward to furthering the scope of my brand ‘Shefik presents Invocation’ and working with FUBU TV to expand the reach of my audience,” says Shefik. “I have many exciting video productions planned for release in 2017, which are extensions of my nationally-syndicated terrestrial radio show of the same name.”

FUBU is an American clothing and hip-hop apparel company, founded in 1992, by Daymond John (“Shark Tank”), J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown. It includes casual wear, sports wear, a suit collection, eyewear, belts, and shoes. The name is an acronym representing “Four Urban Brothers United,” referring to the founders of the company, as well as an acronym representing “For Us By Us.” At its peak in 1998, FUBU grossed over $350 million in annual worldwide sales, and the founders have received several honors for their entrepreneurial achievements.

Reconnecting the generation that identified the fashion brand of the 1990s, FUBU TV taps into, and connects, the streaming audiences of today, from lifestyle and culture, to technology and fashion.

When referencing the video productions of “Shefik presents Invocation,” J. Alexander Martin (Founder/CEO at FUBU TV, and Co-Founder/Executive Vice President at FUBU) commends the productions, for providing footage of “inspiring quotes that hit home and embody ‘For Us By Us’ exactly.”

Upcoming releases produced and directed by Shefik include a star-studded parade of highly-notable recording artists and musicians, such as 5-time Grammy Award winner Dionne Warwick; 2-time Oscar nominee Siedah Garrett (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson); Grammy Award winner Laurence Juber (Lead Guitarist, Paul McCartney and Wings); Grammy Award winner Gerald Alston (Lead Singer, The Manhattans); 3-time Emmy Award nominee William Goldstein (NBC’s “Fame,” CBS’ “Happy Endings,” ABC’s “Omnibus”); as well as multi-platinum producers and songwriters, such as Rickey “SlikkMuzik” Offord (Chris Brown, Jaime Foxx, Ariana Grande, Master P); Paul Laurence (Freddy Jackson, Stephanie Mills, Meli’sa Morgan); and Keith Clizark (Snopp Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kurupt).

The productions can be viewed online at Introductory releases feature Tony Award winner and 4-time Grammy Award nominee Melba Moore; newscaster Dan Bazile (major television network affiliate); thoracic and cardiac surgeon Dr. Hassan Tetteh; and City Council Member André Wallace of Mount Vernon, New York.

The production crew of “Shefik presents Invocation” includes Shefik (Executive Producer and Director), Frank McIntyre (Head Writer), Toni Knight (Correspondent), Neddy Smith (Camera Operator and Production Assistant), Dominick Rienzi (Production Assistant), Mokay Kamara (Production Assistant), Kojoe Fante (Production Assistant), Abdul Wells (Production Assistant), Seth Wells (Camera Operator and Production Assistant), Mark Moore (Production Assistant), and Keith Millar (Production Assistant).

About Shefik

Shefik is an accomplished industry insider, who has appeared on MTV, SiriusXM, PBS, network television, and in print media. He has held senior-level positions at many Fortune 500 companies and celebrated brands, including IBM, NBCUniversal, MTV World, Merriam-Webster, and Wolters Kluwer. A seasoned pro in social media with a career background as a Lead Architect and Senior Web Developer, Shefik is on the cutting edge of new media. As a videographer and producer, his work has been featured in television broadcasts and video productions for TIME Magazine, The Washington Center, “Unsung” (TV One), and Broadway World. Additionally, his photography has been featured in print and online publications, such as Harvard Kennedy School Magazine, Playbill, and China Press.

About ‘Shefik presents Invocation’

Aptly titled “Shefik presents Invocation”, the nationally-syndicated, award-winning radio show is a mesmerizing and thought-provoking journey through musical discovery and appreciation that spans the decades. The show is currently broadcast on 22 terrestrial radio stations and frequencies throughout the United States. Each one-hour episode, executive-produced and hosted by media personality Shefik, highlights one relatable focal point (chosen by Shefik), along with an accompanying playlist of songs (curated by Shefik), encompassing a unique thematic concept that invigorates the audience with creative impact. Top recording artists, actors, business executives, politicians, community leaders, and other special guests are invited to offer their own commentary on the weekly topic, as a supplement to Shefik’s engaging mindset. The radio show’s online hub at serves as a conduit for discussion of the show, while featuring related videos and auxiliary content. The journey continues right here and everywhere.

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